Arcadia a Land of Peace

Arcadia a Land of Peace

I used to be a gentle woman, with drops of vermilion paint
reeking of romanticism. The brush I used for my battles, camouflage
canvases to hide, or die behind. Replaced by brutality and violence. If
there’s not war and its crimes, how do t release my fury. Are these tears or rage, anger, or sweetness, Chantilly lace and Vermouth. Treasures I no longer dream of and then gone.

And yet in this new world, where images are misplaced: the sky
and sea inverts and a chorus of Muses. Musical glitter,polish the world, committed to love, beauty, and peace
for nature and the planet, and for all who have been here and for all who will come.

Barbara Greene Mann August 20, 2013
800$ 18 x 24″ watercolor and collage


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