The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

Lyrics to the new “Waiting Game Song.”

I waited for true love love, then it came
Six months later all I had was a new name
I wanted a baby, had to wait for him too
But first I had to find a good man to screw.

Walked around nine months as if in a dream
Waited some more just to hear him scream.
Waited for him to crawl out of the yard
This waiting game was getting too hard.

Had to wait for him to walk so he could walk out of the door
Had to wait for him to so he could ask what for
Get out of that diaper find a proper place to poo
What else could a good mother do?

Get out of here find a place of your own
But Mom I need a degree six more years at home
Finally when he said goodby
He said I’ll write you a letter Mom don’t cry

At last I got my life back
I’m out of the Waiting game
Now I mediate and levitate and ask and it is given
And that’s the way I make my living

So friends one thing I’m gonna tell ya
So you’ll never have to wait
Is always, always be late.


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