The world is filled with too many germs. My feet kept swelling up , blotchy and itchy and red. I painted them with iodine and 3 days later I could walk. Germy radical particals in the water, in the food, in the chickens, germy politicians,on and on. So we have to cure this situation before a new model is devised. Easy, by removing the R “Cure became cue” and that gives me an idea. Once again by removing the R from “Germs”, the world is transformed into gems.
Actually a diamond mine owner viewed my profile on linkedin and that brought gems to mind,that’s a good place to have some, in my mind, that way I can’t lose them. Do I still glitter? Need I ask.
The money digger, lower right will be happy as the earth can produce, when healthy, lots of money for all, why not?
Oh my, Barbie as the presenter has renamed the world after herself. Worse yet, by removing the R from Barbie world, it becomes Babie land, Not a very mature concept with which to govern. More Baby games, North Korean rockets, Tyrants killing their opwn people, over zealous bored games. Redundant, am I the only one who noticed?
Back to the drawing board and we were doing so well, no boundaries, no “it’s yours, no it’s mine”, no quibbles, a unitary sense of togetherness, to ensure peaceful ongoing modernization. Oh who allowed that dolly figure with a pea brain to do more than wave her hand, like Vanna White and smile.


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