Gems ! Nope, Nut, Not Gems, How about Gold?

1-1-DSCF3112 golden dsi300A man has a contest to advertise his gold mining company, so in my brilliance and the thrill of a contest and much,much more, preferable to a world named after Barbie I thought this is just the idea I was looking for. Based on an immature perception of global understanding, there was a new need, only which could be devised by the greatest minds on the planet, to conceive and put into place a new world marvel. Barbie is the presenter for this Mind Blowing Event, which has never been hear of or even perceived of anywhere in the universe or parallel, or alternative universes, beyond man’s conception or perception in or of space. A dolly housing a miniscule brain in a perfectly molded body, clearly used old concepts of nuclear energetics, matrixes that fell apart as quickly as they were conceived. A Barbie manufactured world, remove the R and Babie becomes the source. A world of Babies, whining, crying, and toxifying the air as easily as the carbon footsteps had marched the planet into a world inhabitable by only old Chinese who had survived the coal burning sooted skies of Beijing. No more they said supporting me in the next incrementation. Yes we went with the Gold, No R to remove, cool just the way it is. I wasn’t chosen to submit so they probably didn’t understand the idea that we live on a golden planet with plenty for everyone and that means leave the rainforests alone. Think of the consequences, everything rolling down the hill, mudslides, remember the dust bowls, nothing to hold the soil. And what happened to concepts like “Diet for a small Planet? ”Can someone help me out here. No, No, Monsanto’s I did not call upon you.
If there are no boundaries who can step over the line? And wait a minute, that is yours and this is mine? No way cuz then its back to greed and really we have other things to think about and do. Therefore I propose we create alternate planetary life styles and if you don’t like it , there’s always an alternate reality, Drive them to the bridge, please. It was a Gem but now it’s Golden. Exceptional to think about the workings of a golden space, a performance place, where the criteria never falls nor fails. The world is a stage and the players meet all the demands. Certainly, nothing less.

18 x 24″ watercolor on paper. 1000$

Art and Thoughts by Barbara Greene Mann

We've Got the Gold!

The final rendition for the planet’s ascension; tt’s a golden plan and the finale is a go ahead.
Ready, Get set, GO!
The curtain Rises

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