Trick or Treat

I took my brother out trick or treating. Scary BOO
I took my brother out trick or treating. Scary BOO

I told my mother that I would take my brother out trick or treating. What folly. Forty five years later, hindsight, if I had known what he would be like now, I would have left him with the farmer.

An even  smarter manoeuvre, would be to attach an add on, a monetary pay out. I ‘m a nice person and wouldn’t do that in spite of the temptation.  


I just wanted to explain that there are a lot of creeps out there to be watchful for. More likely it’s just my imagination and a vivid chance to paint another scary painting, oops I rarely paint scary paintings.

So back to the story, The setting: my childhood bedroom  I’m  designing costumes.  The one I recall best was the Hobo. I was going to be the Mother Mary and that’s my brother on my knee dressed as Jesus, naked. It  wasn’t meant to offend anyone, I just wanted to wear the halo.

Instead  my brother went as Humpty Dumpty. Androgynously, I was Jack and Jill, both. But when he fell down and cracked his crown, he took off the costume and cried. Then I saw a man with a horse drawn wagon, aha, and quickly asked to borrow his horse, only for an hour or so. He said sure. Then he cut the horse in half as  there was two of us,  reminiscent of old time theater costumes or props. My brother went one way, he was the rear and I was the head and moved in a different direction.  The horse freaked, Whoa , easy .

Looking glum, he said , I  feel terrible, no candy.We both noticed  he gave us a bale of  chips and a bale of money, and a canoe to paddle home in as the bales were pretty heavy. My brother told me he was  sick of candy and no more trick or treating for him, we just went home and he said I could have all of his candy.

The End


<a href=”http://barbaragreenemann.files                     ”><img src=”; alt=”Trick or Treat” width=”670″ height=”531″ class=”size-large wp-image-1488″ /></a> Trick or Treat


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