Poor Lucy She can Bear No More

Poor Lucy, Poor Lucy, Lucy her Poor Heart is Breaking, 30 years alone in a cold concrete cell.
Her trainer says I love Lucy and she loves me. Cattle prod in hand, uppa yours, and she’s a good girl. Granny looks fierce, dressed in armor,I’m going to Edmonton, home of the selfish, pedantic genius, Is being safe worth 30 years alone, she holds her own tail for comfort.How sad, She has delirium tremors, dysthymia, like me, and has never lived with one of her own. Elephants need Elephants. She was an orphan baby,not worth the 3000000$ Bob Barker offered to the zoo for whatever they wanted.He even paid for her ticket. Selfish uncaring people of Edmonton. If this is how Canadians act I’ll go to Gula Gula.


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