A little sewing class below , I love to sew too.

Geez I have to send you a picture, I like pictures with stories otherwise you would never quess what I was thinking, although I always “You know what?” it’s like having a conversation with 20 questions/ If this is a true story it’s almost fiction, not science fiction but imagination like Beauty and the Beast.

Once this man bought me a sewing machine, I admit he didn’t know me too well. I could make circle dresses pretty good but they’re sorta of ugly but the fact that I made it myself gave it a fare de vivre, meaning it had to go live on it’s own.

O.K. I made one more thing before I gave up my sewing career. It was supposed to be so cute , pink and black little checks, meetinf in the middle of pleats. Oh yes they didn’t line up so I cut the bottom . It got shorter and shorter and turned into a belt.


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