Granny Greene makes an announcement. Time out for 15 years. The ZOO responds. NO Way, Who’s Right? !

Well Granny Greene is my Guest Blogger. I had to let her do it because 1, she is my grandmother 2. She would spank me and I’m a grown woman. 3. I don’t want her to whack her hand. so here she is.

March Forward! cried the Canadian Bugle Registry on Saturday night and throughout our fabulous nation. Canadians are rational, seekers of the truth and loyalists of the belief that we will protect everything and eventually in the way of the band, they’ll be run over as lay in the land. Export them or play the bells, you wishy washers.You’ve disappointed me  a lot but see how nice I am,Give them a bell and they want a siren, when will I learn.

Canadians, people with brains and maybe less shopping power are SICK, SICK, SICK of all your crap,  handed out on paper plates by Edmonton residents, the Edmonton zoo, and people who think that a safe life in a gray concrete cold cell is better than finding joy and happiness with loved ones.You can go and sit in your empty closets Sit there and .think about Korea, well you are in the North and Santa doesn’t come there. Coal heads.  Lucky for you I’m generous and forgiving so it’s only 15 years, not 30 like Lucy suffered. What sleep overs? Thhink it over tink it over ladies, and gentleman, your children will be taken care of by Granny, Come along darlings. Oh now you want to spend time with them watching U Tube videos of Lucy hugging and sleeping on the ground with her girlfriends. Too bad! No cellphones, no TV, no internet, no laptops, nor candy, you’ll even MISS your children as Lucy has missed her peers, her elephantine family. Don’t worry, no pens or pencils, just like dreamland, safety first, so no windows, Ha ha and No JUMPING either. Neither you nor your neighbors who thought ,”Don’t bother us, Bob Barker, 300,000$ is just a pittance for our lovely elephant who has delirium tremors, dysthymia, and anemia, who has to hold her own tail for comfort because she can’t suck her thumb. Even if she had one she couldn’t because she’s chained, for her own safety. She can’t run but she can hide. Think of this as you mentally plunder to a slow death, the vet will assess you after a decade or so, after he discovers the elephants motto. “Elephants need elephants.”

Oh dear did I forget anything? oh yes did you set your clocks forwards or back. It doesn’t matter much in your realm of a bad Dream come true. Boo-hoo. Granny has great empathy, eh? Not

Denise Prefontaine
5:35 PM (19 hours ago)
to me
Dear Ms. Mann

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Lucy. I recognize that you may hold different views regarding the holding of animals in captivity and the care they are provided however the City of Edmonton has committed to providing Lucy and all of the other animals at our zoo with the best care they would receive anywhere. The zoo meets all applicable regulatory and legislative standards and

strives to exceed them.

Lucy is not just any elephant. She is an individual elephant with unique issues and needs – and she must be understood and treated as an individual animal. It’s important to separate what’s best for elephants in general and what’s best for Lucy. Lucy is rarely indoors, she is out and about all year long enjoying the whole zoo as her home. On her daily walks she pushes over trees and forages in the grass or snow. On the rare days she stays inside because of weather conditions, Lucy follows an exercise program designed by a veterinarian who specializes in animal rehabilitation. Lucy’s barn is spacious and warm with heated padded floor surfacing, areas of sand substrate and many opportunities for complexity and enrichment. Lucy is what is known by those who work extensively with elephants as a “people” elephant. Her herd is her zoo family – the keepers and trainers that spend their days with her, ensuring she leads a full and rich life.

At 38, Lucy’s health is stable and she has a fulfilling, comfortable life. However, she has a particularly complicated and unique medical issue; Elephants usually breathe through their trunks, Lucy breathes through her mouth due to a blockage. Under stress, or during other times of increased need for oxygen, Lucy’s ability to breathe is stretched almost beyond her capacity. It is imperative for her to avoid any unnecessary or excessive stress.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo makes decisions in the best interest of Lucy. Any rhetoric that implies the zoo’s veterinarian or any other veterinarian hired by the zoo is doing less than his or her professional standards and ethics require is irresponsible, unfounded and unacceptable. The Edmonton Valley Zoo regularly consults with experts to ensure Lucy receives excellent care. Experts are selected based on their experience with elephants in captivity or the specific health challenges facing Lucy. The Edmonton Valley Zoo Veterinarian has consulted with experts at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., the Wildlife Conservation Society of New York (Bronx Zoo), Toronto Zoo, Calgary Zoo, El Paso Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo and Greater Vancouver Zoo, University of Calgary Veterinary School, Western College of Veterinary Medicine and others. Lucy has a particularly complicated and unique medical issue that must be acknowledged and responsibly managed. We will not put Lucy through the stressful and dangerous procedures that are required for a thorough understanding of her case unless the procedures are deemed necessary. Given the inherent risks we will not endanger her life to conduct a procedure that will simply tell us that we already know.

After an extensive examination of Lucy, a third-party elephant specialist confirmed that it would be life-threatening for Lucy to be placed under the kind of stress that would be caused by a move and that it would be unethical for any veterinarian to recommend moving her given her breathing challenge.

The City of Edmonton will not put Lucy at risk.

While the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s long-term plan is to not house elephants, the City of Edmonton will continue to make decisions in the best interest of Lucy based on her particular and individual needs. You can learn more about Lucy by going to


Denise Prefontaine
Edmonton Valley Zoo and Specialty Facilities
City of Edmonton Community Services


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