the Silverback Gorillas (2 posts belong together) A short Narrative story. You’ll see the order,easily. Thank you.

Contemplative,serene jungle settings have become passe, a thing of the past. However a new plan is taking place, as we speak ,while we press,as we sleep.
Poachers, smells rotten, fear, no good Prices for mixed media drawings is negotiable, So please inquire .

The gorilla senses something is wrong , the odor from the odoriferous poacher.
mixed media, watercolor , pen and ink, collage on paper All paintings are for sale, special prices for groups, all originals 225$ individually , 200 for more than one. I am always open to pricing suggestions because I have more paintings than you. I really like these pieces alot think I’ve captured an inner essence of these creatures. So protect them, please.    



2 thoughts on “the Silverback Gorillas (2 posts belong together) A short Narrative story. You’ll see the order,easily. Thank you.

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    1. acknowledging the things that made it the right way.
      I drew my first erotic picture about six years ago and have overcome that quirk in my brain that says “dirty” to yummy and lovely.
      An ex friend used to say I was ego tripping that so many people have read my blogs.Really…
      However with true eartnestness, I add to visual artist, writer, poet, songwriter and thinker.
      Hey, this can be a lonely world. Some of us invent others and I found myself talking to a dead dog that bit me, forgive and forget. At this stage in my life I can forget a lot but my memories and narratives are all inspired by real, what a great word, real events. That’s all I will reveal for now.
      Waiting for deathbed confessions, lol. A terminal lung cancer diagnosis is no thrill, so a few little perks from and to myself is greedily gobbled up. But I certainly like the way my art goes from here to there and back, convoluting upon it’self.
      It’s Working. My Art Career Sucks but my Blogging Career is Soaring. Job at Red Lobster is now out to lunch.


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