the Silverback Gorillas (2 posts belong together) A short Narrative story. You’ll see the order,easily. Thank you.

Contemplative,serene jungle settings have become passe, a thing of the past. However a new plan is taking place, as we speak ,while we press,as we sleep.
Poachers, smells rotten, fear, no good Prices for mixed media drawings is negotiable, So please inquire .

The gorilla senses something is wrong , the odor from the odoriferous poacher.
mixed media, watercolor , pen and ink, collage on paper All paintings are for sale, special prices for groups, all originals 225$ individually , 200 for more than one. I am always open to pricing suggestions because I have more paintings than you. I really like these pieces alot think I’ve captured an inner essence of these creatures. So protect them, please.    



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