A New World, In Memory of the Ladies who Worked and Died at the Triangle Factory

A New World is bordered by a narrative I wrote describing my creation of a World of Peace and change. The pink building on the left is the Triangle Textile Factory which caught on fire, with over a 100 girls locked inside, and only one elevator which only made one trip before it was engulfed in flame. There were no other exits. Rather than being burned alive, the girls made a circles of 4 and jumped to their deaths. The streets were filled with their bodies. The owners were barely penalized and when they rebuilt the factory they refused to provide safety features. And the women refused to return to work. The courts ruled the safety features were needed and ordered in the reconstruction. These are the women we have to thank, but what a price to pay. I saw a documentary about this incident.on T.V. If I didn’t know about this landmark historical event, there must be others. So that is where this painting began. Posted signs on the building read “Never Again” and if you’d like to experience this jump for yourselves, go ahead. There is a pool below. Thanks for listening, viewing and getting informed.


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