War Begins at Home: Franco

Mom wins all the time. what can I say?
Mom wins all the time. What can I say?

At 90 she announced she was tired of all this whining, sent the troops home. She would fight them single-handed. She changed her name to Franco, only when she went to war.
Boy, she was hungry when she got back home. I made up this story.Why? to be polite but she died last year, 2016, and now I guess I will tell you the real one.

Cindy was driving me home from Detroit, after a visit to see, Samantha, my dog. She decided to buy me a ticket to visit my Mom in Florida as a surprise.  I told her that wasn’t the way our family did things. I had her call my Mom. She did and handed me the phone. My Mom was screaming so loud everyone at the airport heard her. They all listened in amazement. “If you come here I’ll call the police. After I shoot you.”  Cindy told me to take the limo as she wasn’t going to drive me home. And she never paid for the promised limo.



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