Dino Lady and the Dinosaurs

The Dinosaurs love me cuz I'm dyno mite .
The Dinosaurs love me cuz I’m dyno mite .

A world of no Trash, Peace,Vegetarians( these dinosaurs would never eat their friends.) I wrote a song to go with it. The have beautiful voices and their range is terrific. We sang and danced and the earth shook. I knew they were old as they had good vocabularies.
They came to school everyday.

At night we went to Jack’s Place down the block. They had a jukebox but we made our own music. We played charades. I noticed they ate a lot and I tried to slow them down as vegetation became scarce. THEY WERE SO BIG. They fell at my feet and eventually they were gone. I knew I would be lonely so I went with them.

That was that.

Barbaragreenemann , August 14, 2014 Original watercolor with collage, 18 x24″ At first I thought she was me.. I remember some things but it was so long ago.( this is your brain/thoughts/ in space time/travel/past lives.


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