Flying to Germany for Lucy’s singing Debut , Unique Flight Plan Exhilarating without A Plane

Greene Mann Implaments new Plan.

Lucy makes her singing debut with Fly me to the Moon.  Sing Lucy swing. Lucy’s first solo singing performance. Her favorite song,  “Fly me to the Moon.”

Sing Lucy swing.

Oh excuse me, I said, Haven’t you met? Lucy this is a Fan and Fan this is Lucy, the singular, the Unique, Captive Elephant of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

The Fan lowered his eyes, blushed, I’ve loved you since I was a boy. I’ve retired , why haven’t you?
Lucy replied, I’d like to go to the Sanctuary. Boby Barker had it all arranged for me to fly over and he would give the zoo a million dollars to fix up that old rat trap, the second worst zoo in the world, per Peta and they wouldn’t let me go. They said I was too sick, couldn’t breath and had too much to do, holding signs and painting.

She said to herself, But maybe I am the only elephant left in the world.

Well That certainly was an exhilarating flight, we flew without the plane. Dumbo said I could do it and I DID. Hooray for me.


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