Black and White Drawings Reveal the Truth, National Homeland Security, Chemotherapy and Life

]Airports used to be fun.

Airports used to be fun.

Flying used to be no hassle. Now it’s a 2 hr. ordeal, but a lot more people have jobs, even dogs.

“Bon Voyage, flying is fun. Airports are not.”

You may wonder why I would hang this in my den, my living room,in my home.It’s rather like  the game “I Spy.”   How do you feel about  this. Do you feel safer, annoyed,inconvenienced?What is happening in today’s airport?  Is it happening globally? Art is not always beautiful.Tt’s revolutionary or it can have a revealing nature.
Beauty is good, so is color, but not everything has to be the same, n’est ce pas

Chemo Fans Not

I’m deciding whether or not to have chemo. I think it’s only a 50-50 survival rate.
So I am looking into alternate treatments.
If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me. PLEASE
Pharmacetical companies love chemo. Big money making drugs. Doctors are trained in Chemo therapy.
Do what you Know? Doctors are not trained in natural treatments. How can they suggest what they don’t know?

I read the internet and learn, but I’m an artist. Maybe a Doctor too, soon.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day?  Not for all of us.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day? Not for all of us.
I was mesmerized by two women arguing in the hall,  only a few inches and the spit was flying
The man being fed can’t turn his head, hard to refuse.
Too bad. I think it’s eat up, big boy.

The man in the middle doesn’t seem to mind.
Look how easily the man on the bottom just picks up the dark haired man.
He has his feet behind his head. Easier for carrying and ploop he’s in the cell.

At least he’s not alone.


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