Art Lessons: #1 Presentations and Considerations

Do your wall presentations have a sound structure?  Examples inspired by algebraic thoughts are: 1+1= 3 or A Man without a Mate is like a Duo without the One.

Paintings on a wall can stand alone but gracefully pair up.  Similarities or discordant views may stimulate gravitation.  Groups then can  change to groupings as well as collections.

Should a common theme introduce the collection or is electic a word you like?

Abstracts representing Objects-? Is that  a guitar I see? A name can change everything.


Is the collection harmonious or randomly schizophrenic?


She spread her arms, “It all Depends on You.”

Do you consider yourself an art lover? Of course, You are here. and I bet you knew that Art is more than a color field to match the couch or fill a wall.

Good Art has vibrations that you can attune to or even raise your awareness. That’s the art that lasts throuh time. Art describes a time and place culturally.  Art history is born from curators and educators studying civilization and the artifacts it left. It describes time periods and artists views of their surrounding worlds.

But where do we draw the line? Representational Abstracts ? Is this drawing musical? I think so. Does that negate it’s abstraction?[ Artists incorporate meaning as illustrated by themes, presentation and points of views. They do not have to entertain you, you do have a TV, yes but artists want to  wake you up. Today there are multitudes of artists, so many that if you dumped a bunch, millions and lost them in the desert they wouldn’t be missed. This is far different than the era of Picasso and his cohorts. A mere handful set the rules and dictated your interpretations of art and style.

Well they died and who came  next?

Million and billions of artists sprung up everywhere and so did art on line. Sites, portfolios, voting by the public, over twelve please, and friend rentals determined content and submissions. These in turn we generated by how fast an artist could produce new bodies of works and what fees they could afford.  Of course you can turn a piece, 90 to 360 degrees. Yes it’s allowed. This is how art will be defined in the upcoming generations. Excuse me, you drew that with a pencil? Is that allowed? Read the rules, only computer gigantic work will be reviewed. Your name must be 6 feet high, at least and fees are determined by pixel count.

Just let me reiterate that there are other considerations besides color, size and furniture choice. Thank you. I’ll be back soon and if you’d like to hear more generous art theory , please  follow me here.

This is part of my new therapeutic treatment for healing.
Think, say “barbara mann is healed.” All drawings/paintings are for sale for Lung/Fund.
specially priced


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