A New Gallery, New Abstracts, New Insights

This is the guide to sizes, price , media. all pictures now $50, raising money for lung cancer treatment

1. Nature’s Landscape , 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

2. The pink spot  11×15″, watercolor and crayons

3. Living Life Forms 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

4. Smiling 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

5. 6.Camping and Stealing the Show ,11’14”

7,8,9, Concerned, mY students, the Bank , 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

if you would like one of these pieces either email me at sammomann55@gmail.com


An Abstract: Alaska . A Rarity or just a change of Pace.

Abstract thoughts of Alaska
Abstract thoughts of Alaska

I remember reading a post obviously by an abstract artist, criticizing all other forms of expression. Peeved I can do that, giving them, this painter’s audience, what they want. I teach, express,inform and have my own unique view of life better consumed in my more commonly used narrative style.

However I love the peace of this piece and even find joy in my sense of humor and happily share it with those who enjoy my work. Will anyone know besides us? I confess I feel much sadness in the world and perhaps grieve more than others. Sometimes I feel this is part of an artist’s plight. Certainly it is part of my belief system that I am changing. No sadness, no sorrow, just joy.

Whose laughing? Probably that abstract painter who is selling all his work.