A New Gallery, New Abstracts, New Insights

This is the guide to sizes, price , media. all pictures now $50, raising money for lung cancer treatment

1. Nature’s Landscape , 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

2. The pink spot  11×15″, watercolor and crayons

3. Living Life Forms 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

4. Smiling 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

5. 6.Camping and Stealing the Show ,11’14”

7,8,9, Concerned, mY students, the Bank , 11×15″, watercolor and crayons

if you would like one of these pieces either email me at sammomann55@gmail.com


Abstract petit Paintings from German Exhibition and After, May in Munich 2015

I only mention these pieces were before Germany thats when Christopher Durr told Leni he wanted a piece. What an honor. His gallery is one of he oldest in Munich. He has taken chances on many new upcoming artists who have become successful. He knows art and loves abstract painting. So when he choose this piece and wanted it with such determinism and glee, I knew I had to give it to him and get on with my life as an abstract artist.

Selling small drawings as I have a lot and would like to have others enjoy them. Seeking money for alternative lung cancer treatment So make an offer if you like, none rejected, Be fair and think about what you can. I haven’t found a treatment yet as an alternative to Chemo so any ideas would gladly be taken.

Thanks Barb

greene tree
greene tree

This picture was made after the trip.

A New View Of India

India a land of all
a land of all
A New Look of India views its glorious leaders and Father of the Nation Babu

Paint a Vision of a Nation Born for Greatness
Artist Statement for India 2015

Yes I’ve been called and I am the artist who will do this for you. I’m not sure this painting is what you expected but why would I paint that. The artist as visionary presents new ways to think, see and conceive. I have presented visually, a concept of a nation incorporating past, present, and future.

I want people to think about a place that birthed such extraordinary leaders as Buddha, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. The seeds of potential that lay in your land is the Mother of greatness, the Earth. India bears the genetic codes of these leaders. People need to realize these people are within them.

What is each person’s projection of something they want to do in their life, for their country and for their people. India is a nation that is rising to new levels of greatness that already exist. I want to waken that spirit that inspire people to look at their lives and to allow this to happen. They will want the energy,and feel the vibrations of a painting with a story that will foster a new sense of yearning to take part.

India is finding an economic spurt that will increase business and bring money to the workers.but it could also land in the pockets of government officials, as seen before. India is a democracy and most workers and students do not know the shackles of the British or the ancient systems that hold and trap minds. They only have a lot of people who can’t even imagine what to do.

The children being raised under the bridges will only know how to play in traffic. They are the future of India. The news spoke of a 4-year-old girl, sold for a small price, who was married and then murdered. This is nowhere near any interpretation I’ve heard of for arranged marriage, just craziness.
The US just gave India billions to clean up their country, this should provide jobs to all the homeless living under the bridges and daycare so they will not worry about their children. Surely rapists will head the lines to get the best Ganges clean up jobs.

India is historically a great nation, culturally significant and it’s peoples can do anything: I was surprised to know India joined the space race. Congradulations.

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Still Life With Pink Flower

Still Life with Pink Flower 2015
Still Life with Pink Flower 2015

Still Life with Pink Flower presents a view of the world today. Everything is archived as if these things no longer exist, outside. Maybe it’s a view of the world to come.
The Museum is open but I sense that no one comes, that it’s has never been closed. Specimens in boxes are still as the name implies. Still lives have ended and only still lives remain.