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I hate being an artist.

Please go to new blog which replaced this one but there are posts here that are not there. (good and funny) You may like me and want to read later. But Now this is the NEW , New ART and New writings. Just thought I’d tell you. http://artandelephants.wordpress.com

People always say when I mention I hate being an artist that I chose it. Of course I’d like to have my work remembered but it is a career that simply takes over. OK I let it and for me that was just what happened.  All or nothing.

I feel like I have donated my life, any type of sanitary , surroundings for  a life of artistic poverty. Needless to say this life, the artist’s dream, gave me the luxury of painting whatever I like, whether you like it or not. Too bad I didn’t guess right. Here’s the fun part, whining.
Randow negative thoughts: OO, They hate my work, Mother was right. I’m not good. Hey, it’s a depressing career. Some of us buy into it. Why? Do I like punishment? An excessive amount? Why?

Because I was diagnosed with depression. Pills, no thanks, I’d rather cry and I did.

Another DR. he saw a painting, many years later, changed my diagnosis to dysthymia. That’s where depression = happiness and the rest of your days are in deeper gloom.
So to ease my dreariness I  blog , paint and advocate for animals, draw scathing satirical pictures. Swear, and had my first temper tantrum.  Few see except for 73 fans in the universe. They are my stars

Well when I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I was reassessed by another  shrink. He walked in when I was practicing my one woman play with two characters, wearing a trench coat and bike helmet. He asked if I saw any bugs and I laughed. That did it.  I read my chart, I was now manic depressive. I had joined the ranks of the Greats.

I also like political satire and am good at it.  Almost 70, on my death bed, I can be good at everything.
Sorry ranting a bit.
barbara mann

A week later, what a baby. boo hoo.

Please look at my galleries. Perhaps you ll find a small piece you like for your own wall. Modestly priced  to enhance my lung fund. Thank you.


Art Lesson #3 – The Disintegration of the Art World

Yes I mean You
Yes I mean You

For Educators, Gallery Owners, Curators, Art Lovers, Students and Artists
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On 6/29, 9:49 AM, barbara mann wrote:

A Professor of Fine Arts  wrote me and explained that she incorporates art history into her studio classes availing the students to techniques and thoughts from earlier eras. She will surely agree that hands on is the best way to acquire knowledge. I say ” Beat it into them.” The only thing that they need to do is think, paint, think briefly. Then again paint, paint and go to bed; no TV. This is what separates the men from the boys.

As an Art Professor of Art education it is your duty, conferred upon, leared by the College of Art Menstration, to activate the notion that the study of art history forges sucess. Professors use it unflinchingly, positively to build their student’s vocabulary, the tools of mysterious, non-meaningful  expressions of flotsy, but remember its their insights which separate the men from the boys alright.

Another question. How do you get rid of painting ridges when using acrylics?

What?  You don’t,  do not remove the ridges, either incorporate, by practing your strokes or switch mediums. You do know this is not a studio course so I wouldn’t tell you if I did know.

What do I mean? Use watercolors for example. Oh you students… First year, how nice, yes I do mean watercolors.

Ah, please hold your questions until after class.

examples of these principals
examples of these principals

What another hand?  No more questions, yes, Christmas break is lovely. Good work, you’re excused until tomorrow.

Does that mean that you can watch TV? Goodness, I’ll repeat myself. Just this once, no more questions. A buzz is activated through the room, Students, shut up. Leave.Yes you may. Good by.

Educators,as seen by the student’s behavior it is up to you to straight jacket their minds to focus, to cuss, etiquette is so important. They must be able to enter Soethby’s, the Louvre, Workman Arts. Pound it ino their mallable brains, no not figurativly but manually. These are valuable insights which shape boys into men.

Furthermore go ahead and drop all women from your student lists. Art historians note there are less woman painters than men. Why? They are not as good. This separates the girls from the men.

Are there any questions before I dismiss class?

 What? No, in the art world.   Yes, you may watch TV.  What about? Art.  Leave , leave.  

Oh I heard that you think that I’m overzealous, I think not.

Let’s end now, on this note . Wait, please, do prepare for a short quizz on Monday. You are the  forgers of these shallow …Are there any Meaningful Thoughts or Concepts Left ?

Leave, Leave

Good by

A New View Of India

India a land of all
a land of all
A New Look of India views its glorious leaders and Father of the Nation Babu

Paint a Vision of a Nation Born for Greatness
Artist Statement for India 2015

Yes I’ve been called and I am the artist who will do this for you. I’m not sure this painting is what you expected but why would I paint that. The artist as visionary presents new ways to think, see and conceive. I have presented visually, a concept of a nation incorporating past, present, and future.

I want people to think about a place that birthed such extraordinary leaders as Buddha, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. The seeds of potential that lay in your land is the Mother of greatness, the Earth. India bears the genetic codes of these leaders. People need to realize these people are within them.

What is each person’s projection of something they want to do in their life, for their country and for their people. India is a nation that is rising to new levels of greatness that already exist. I want to waken that spirit that inspire people to look at their lives and to allow this to happen. They will want the energy,and feel the vibrations of a painting with a story that will foster a new sense of yearning to take part.

India is finding an economic spurt that will increase business and bring money to the workers.but it could also land in the pockets of government officials, as seen before. India is a democracy and most workers and students do not know the shackles of the British or the ancient systems that hold and trap minds. They only have a lot of people who can’t even imagine what to do.

The children being raised under the bridges will only know how to play in traffic. They are the future of India. The news spoke of a 4-year-old girl, sold for a small price, who was married and then murdered. This is nowhere near any interpretation I’ve heard of for arranged marriage, just craziness.
The US just gave India billions to clean up their country, this should provide jobs to all the homeless living under the bridges and daycare so they will not worry about their children. Surely rapists will head the lines to get the best Ganges clean up jobs.

India is historically a great nation, culturally significant and it’s peoples can do anything: I was surprised to know India joined the space race. Congradulations.

ONLY http://barbaragreenemanngalleryforanewera.wordpress.com

Dino Lady and the Dinosaurs

The Dinosaurs love me cuz I'm dyno mite .
The Dinosaurs love me cuz I’m dyno mite .

A world of no Trash, Peace,Vegetarians( these dinosaurs would never eat their friends.) I wrote a song to go with it. The have beautiful voices and their range is terrific. We sang and danced and the earth shook. I knew they were old as they had good vocabularies.
They came to school everyday.

At night we went to Jack’s Place down the block. They had a jukebox but we made our own music. We played charades. I noticed they ate a lot and I tried to slow them down as vegetation became scarce. THEY WERE SO BIG. They fell at my feet and eventually they were gone. I knew I would be lonely so I went with them.

That was that.

Barbaragreenemann , August 14, 2014 Original watercolor with collage, 18 x24″ At first I thought she was me.. I remember some things but it was so long ago.( this is your brain/thoughts/ in space time/travel/past lives.

Where did this come from? Strange, a Portrait that is something else.

Painted differently,I really like it. It tells me that I am very good and I can add more than likeness,. To me its like a test. A+ 10 x 12 watercolor on paper. $150.
Painted differently,  a good  likeness,+ 10 x 12 watercolor on paper. $200, 10 x 12 watercolor on paper.

Sometimes I paint something in another style, another way, who’s to say.

I’m Gonna’ Be Rich! You’re Gonna’ Be THIN! Diet Secret Revealed, LOSE 450 lbs. in One Day, and Maintain It

                                                               I noticed many of you opted in for the maintenance program.
First you must join, so I CAN TELL YOU what to do.

A Slim Woman Just Waiting


Better Get Your Ba-Ba Mr. Gaddafi

Good by, Mr. Gaddafi...
A Brutal Tyrant, Good by,  Mr. Gaddafi, Colonel 1942-2011.

Good by, Mr. Gaddafi. You’ll need your ba-ba where you are going.
He slaughtered his own people; he mowed them down with bullets. New weapons were devised to protect the innocent and to infuriate the Colonel and his troops, such as shell proof umbrellas and invisible cloaks.
The world looked on as the internet captured every detail and the vibrations of horror engrossed the planet, our planet.

A Meditative Mode or a Meditative Node?


I really am a Buddha Believer. He who was a genius who became enlightened or is that the same? I do know that the Chinese people were having a hard time, no food, yet taunted and living under an Emperor who did little for the commoner. This is a common theme throughout history but no one has ever explained it better than Buddha who told the people, this life , this world is nothing but an illusion. By looking inward there lies the truth, an enlightened view, a world of peace and spirit.
May you go there now or when you get around to it.

mixed media
mixed media

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

1-1-A%2520New%2520World%2520with%2520text-002I saw a documentary and painted this event into my painting, with a pool beneath the window, Jump if you’d like to try it. These women died and saved the lives of untold numbers by setting a precedent for safety regulations. Please check out my painting at address on wordpress. Let’s make the truth be known. Thank you Jackie Cangro. what a terrific name, seems to be indicative of you. barb
This painting showed at the A.I.R. Gallery in New York. I usually have a difficult time coming up with the entry fees. ONE of a rare sort of gallery, that said “if this fee brings you excessive hardship, please contact us. Exceptional but very understandable in today’s world or the world of atists. But this policy is rarely valued for a thousand different reasons, “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”

3 big prints are available for 100$, 18 x 24″ on quality stock and 8 small 16×20″ on stock 50$ Just leave me a note. Barb Mann