Art Lesson #3 – The Disintegration of the Art World

Yes I mean You
Yes I mean You

For Educators, Gallery Owners, Curators, Art Lovers, Students and Artists
from LinkedIn for Android sent by a Professor of Art History
On 6/29, 9:49 AM, barbara mann wrote:

A Professor of Fine Arts  wrote me and explained that she incorporates art history into her studio classes availing the students to techniques and thoughts from earlier eras. She will surely agree that hands on is the best way to acquire knowledge. I say ” Beat it into them.” The only thing that they need to do is think, paint, think briefly. Then again paint, paint and go to bed; no TV. This is what separates the men from the boys.

As an Art Professor of Art education it is your duty, conferred upon, leared by the College of Art Menstration, to activate the notion that the study of art history forges sucess. Professors use it unflinchingly, positively to build their student’s vocabulary, the tools of mysterious, non-meaningful  expressions of flotsy, but remember its their insights which separate the men from the boys alright.

Another question. How do you get rid of painting ridges when using acrylics?

What?  You don’t,  do not remove the ridges, either incorporate, by practing your strokes or switch mediums. You do know this is not a studio course so I wouldn’t tell you if I did know.

What do I mean? Use watercolors for example. Oh you students… First year, how nice, yes I do mean watercolors.

Ah, please hold your questions until after class.

examples of these principals
examples of these principals

What another hand?  No more questions, yes, Christmas break is lovely. Good work, you’re excused until tomorrow.

Does that mean that you can watch TV? Goodness, I’ll repeat myself. Just this once, no more questions. A buzz is activated through the room, Students, shut up. Leave.Yes you may. Good by.

Educators,as seen by the student’s behavior it is up to you to straight jacket their minds to focus, to cuss, etiquette is so important. They must be able to enter Soethby’s, the Louvre, Workman Arts. Pound it ino their mallable brains, no not figurativly but manually. These are valuable insights which shape boys into men.

Furthermore go ahead and drop all women from your student lists. Art historians note there are less woman painters than men. Why? They are not as good. This separates the girls from the men.

Are there any questions before I dismiss class?

 What? No, in the art world.   Yes, you may watch TV.  What about? Art.  Leave , leave.  

Oh I heard that you think that I’m overzealous, I think not.

Let’s end now, on this note . Wait, please, do prepare for a short quizz on Monday. You are the  forgers of these shallow …Are there any Meaningful Thoughts or Concepts Left ?

Leave, Leave

Good by


Art Lesson #2, A Blitz keg of Information to Chose From, Mind this, Mindfully

Lessons from the Inner Self
Lessons from the Inner Self
It’s been a week and I presume we have consumed lesson #1. Only 5 minutes or less, or a quick review, that’s all.

A challenge for myself, as well, as for the next lesson, aha, Eureka!

How do you feel about your painting from week 1 ?
Words beyond, I like it, Why?
Does it talk to you? What does it say? Do you talk to it? Hi what’s going on? What am I thinking?
Did you think this would be a no brainer? for incompetents, sorry.

Now for the intellectuals, those who are here, and remain, contemplate the artist’s mind set at the time of sometime and get to the essence of the completed image.

bully boys, the world at large.
bully boys, the world at large.
Now this, this week.  Does this change  raise your vibrational rate?
Now this, this week. Does this change raise your vibrational rate?

Aha you have the jist of it. I have great mood swings and must continuously re arrange the contents of my walls. No I haven’t been drinking. What is more fun than thinking. Maestro , please, another…

My students and I am proud.
My students and I am proud.
concerned, loving, what is the mood, the feeling?
concerned, loving, what is the mood, the feeling?

Now This is enough, to ingest. I am exhausted and need a kip. Oh the feeling inside. Thank you.

All drawings/paintings are for sale for Lung/Fund.
specially priced

Art Lessons: #1 Presentations and Considerations

Do your wall presentations have a sound structure?  Examples inspired by algebraic thoughts are: 1+1= 3 or A Man without a Mate is like a Duo without the One.

Paintings on a wall can stand alone but gracefully pair up.  Similarities or discordant views may stimulate gravitation.  Groups then can  change to groupings as well as collections.

Should a common theme introduce the collection or is electic a word you like?

Abstracts representing Objects-? Is that  a guitar I see? A name can change everything.


Is the collection harmonious or randomly schizophrenic?


She spread her arms, “It all Depends on You.”

Do you consider yourself an art lover? Of course, You are here. and I bet you knew that Art is more than a color field to match the couch or fill a wall.

Good Art has vibrations that you can attune to or even raise your awareness. That’s the art that lasts throuh time. Art describes a time and place culturally.  Art history is born from curators and educators studying civilization and the artifacts it left. It describes time periods and artists views of their surrounding worlds.

But where do we draw the line? Representational Abstracts ? Is this drawing musical? I think so. Does that negate it’s abstraction?[ Artists incorporate meaning as illustrated by themes, presentation and points of views. They do not have to entertain you, you do have a TV, yes but artists want to  wake you up. Today there are multitudes of artists, so many that if you dumped a bunch, millions and lost them in the desert they wouldn’t be missed. This is far different than the era of Picasso and his cohorts. A mere handful set the rules and dictated your interpretations of art and style.

Well they died and who came  next?

Million and billions of artists sprung up everywhere and so did art on line. Sites, portfolios, voting by the public, over twelve please, and friend rentals determined content and submissions. These in turn we generated by how fast an artist could produce new bodies of works and what fees they could afford.  Of course you can turn a piece, 90 to 360 degrees. Yes it’s allowed. This is how art will be defined in the upcoming generations. Excuse me, you drew that with a pencil? Is that allowed? Read the rules, only computer gigantic work will be reviewed. Your name must be 6 feet high, at least and fees are determined by pixel count.

Just let me reiterate that there are other considerations besides color, size and furniture choice. Thank you. I’ll be back soon and if you’d like to hear more generous art theory , please  follow me here.

This is part of my new therapeutic treatment for healing.
Think, say “barbara mann is healed.” All drawings/paintings are for sale for Lung/Fund.
specially priced

Black and White Drawings Reveal the Truth, National Homeland Security, Chemotherapy and Life

]Airports used to be fun.

Airports used to be fun.

Flying used to be no hassle. Now it’s a 2 hr. ordeal, but a lot more people have jobs, even dogs.

“Bon Voyage, flying is fun. Airports are not.”

You may wonder why I would hang this in my den, my living room,in my home.It’s rather like  the game “I Spy.”   How do you feel about  this. Do you feel safer, annoyed,inconvenienced?What is happening in today’s airport?  Is it happening globally? Art is not always beautiful.Tt’s revolutionary or it can have a revealing nature.
Beauty is good, so is color, but not everything has to be the same, n’est ce pas

Chemo Fans Not

I’m deciding whether or not to have chemo. I think it’s only a 50-50 survival rate.
So I am looking into alternate treatments.
If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me. PLEASE
Pharmacetical companies love chemo. Big money making drugs. Doctors are trained in Chemo therapy.
Do what you Know? Doctors are not trained in natural treatments. How can they suggest what they don’t know?

I read the internet and learn, but I’m an artist. Maybe a Doctor too, soon.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day?  Not for all of us.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day? Not for all of us.
I was mesmerized by two women arguing in the hall,  only a few inches and the spit was flying
The man being fed can’t turn his head, hard to refuse.
Too bad. I think it’s eat up, big boy.

The man in the middle doesn’t seem to mind.
Look how easily the man on the bottom just picks up the dark haired man.
He has his feet behind his head. Easier for carrying and ploop he’s in the cell.

At least he’s not alone.

Abstract petit Paintings from German Exhibition and After, May in Munich 2015

I only mention these pieces were before Germany thats when Christopher Durr told Leni he wanted a piece. What an honor. His gallery is one of he oldest in Munich. He has taken chances on many new upcoming artists who have become successful. He knows art and loves abstract painting. So when he choose this piece and wanted it with such determinism and glee, I knew I had to give it to him and get on with my life as an abstract artist.

Selling small drawings as I have a lot and would like to have others enjoy them. Seeking money for alternative lung cancer treatment So make an offer if you like, none rejected, Be fair and think about what you can. I haven’t found a treatment yet as an alternative to Chemo so any ideas would gladly be taken.

Thanks Barb

greene tree
greene tree

This picture was made after the trip.

New Representational Paintings with humor, pizazz, mine. Fundraiser or Lungraiser for Me.

The Band Played In My Room

I had a band playing In my room last night.

My brother,the dog  and me in the den.
My brother,the dog and me in the den.
I like this picture because it’s so funny. I didn’t realize while I was drawing it how little I drew my brother and the dog. That’s the T.V. we had when I was young. I would only eat if Mickey Mouse or Popeye was on. If they weren’t, too bad. I wouldn’t eat. Feed it to the fish,I said, lol.
The tank was nice because the light was always on and you could make sure you made it to the bathroom, which was in the opposite direction by the way.
Not such a good day, eh? Not such a good day .eh?

I like this picture because it’s so funny. Top left, two people fighting, in each others face. Well make up your own stuff or you can email me or comment if you have any questions, such as the price.

 I sat in my room and drew. There were two dogs who love bored games, and two ladies who just happened to be there.
I sat in my room and drew. There were two dogs who love bored games, and two ladies who just happened to be there.

I sat in my room and drew in Germany. There were two dogs who love bored games, and two ladies who just happened to be there.

Cling Tight
Cling Tight

Lucy wrapped her trunk around my legs and held me tight. The meanies looked as if they were coming to get me. I’m pretty sure they were.
On the plane the flight attendant told me I’d better do something fast. She said she knew.  I’m looking for treatment for lung cancer.the sooner the better. All suggestions welcome. No, Not a good vet.

Happy Ascension. I notice I never draw my feet on the ground lately. Wonder what that means?

Happy Ascension, I notice I never draw my feet on the ground lately. Wonder what that means?

Mr. Durr loved my Abstract Painting, inspired by Kandinsky.

when Mr. Durr loved an abstract, he really loved it. it flew out of my sketchpad and into his hand.
when Mr. Durr loved an abstract, he really loved it. it flew out of my sketchpad and into his hand.

Inspired by Kadinsky. This is similar but not the piece I gave to Mr. Durr.
Inspired by Kadinsky. This is similar but not the piece I gave to Mr. Durr..  What could I say but, it’s yours.
SAMSUNG CAMERA Mr. Durr asks to see my sketch book and he likes them.
SAMSUNG CAMERA Mr. Durr asks to see my sketch book and he likes them.
Christoper Durr Gallery in Munich.
Christoper Durr Gallery in Munich.
Lots of people peeked through the Window.
Lots of people peeked through the Window.

The writing here is not on the original piece but used as a water mark. Just make me and offer and it’s yours. 11×15″ watercolor on paper, contact me for price or make me an offer, I can’t refuse and it is yours..

Flying to Germany for Lucy’s singing Debut , Unique Flight Plan Exhilarating without A Plane

Greene Mann Implaments new Plan.

Lucy makes her singing debut with Fly me to the Moon.  Sing Lucy swing. Lucy’s first solo singing performance. Her favorite song,  “Fly me to the Moon.”

Sing Lucy swing.

Oh excuse me, I said, Haven’t you met? Lucy this is a Fan and Fan this is Lucy, the singular, the Unique, Captive Elephant of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

The Fan lowered his eyes, blushed, I’ve loved you since I was a boy. I’ve retired , why haven’t you?
Lucy replied, I’d like to go to the Sanctuary. Boby Barker had it all arranged for me to fly over and he would give the zoo a million dollars to fix up that old rat trap, the second worst zoo in the world, per Peta and they wouldn’t let me go. They said I was too sick, couldn’t breath and had too much to do, holding signs and painting.

She said to herself, But maybe I am the only elephant left in the world.

Well That certainly was an exhilarating flight, we flew without the plane. Dumbo said I could do it and I DID. Hooray for me.