a New Shift of Mind, But Wait :

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I hate being an artist.

Please go to new blog which replaced this one but there are posts here that are not there. (good and funny) You may like me and want to read later. But Now this is the NEW , New ART and New writings. Just thought I’d tell you. http://artandelephants.wordpress.com

People always say when I mention I hate being an artist that I chose it. Of course I’d like to have my work remembered but it is a career that simply takes over. OK I let it and for me that was just what happened.  All or nothing.

I feel like I have donated my life, any type of sanitary , surroundings for  a life of artistic poverty. Needless to say this life, the artist’s dream, gave me the luxury of painting whatever I like, whether you like it or not. Too bad I didn’t guess right. Here’s the fun part, whining.
Randow negative thoughts: OO, They hate my work, Mother was right. I’m not good. Hey, it’s a depressing career. Some of us buy into it. Why? Do I like punishment? An excessive amount? Why?

Because I was diagnosed with depression. Pills, no thanks, I’d rather cry and I did.

Another DR. he saw a painting, many years later, changed my diagnosis to dysthymia. That’s where depression = happiness and the rest of your days are in deeper gloom.
So to ease my dreariness I  blog , paint and advocate for animals, draw scathing satirical pictures. Swear, and had my first temper tantrum.  Few see except for 73 fans in the universe. They are my stars

Well when I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I was reassessed by another  shrink. He walked in when I was practicing my one woman play with two characters, wearing a trench coat and bike helmet. He asked if I saw any bugs and I laughed. That did it.  I read my chart, I was now manic depressive. I had joined the ranks of the Greats.

I also like political satire and am good at it.  Almost 70, on my death bed, I can be good at everything.
Sorry ranting a bit.
barbara mann

A week later, what a baby. boo hoo.

Please look at my galleries. Perhaps you ll find a small piece you like for your own wall. Modestly priced  to enhance my lung fund. Thank you.