Utopia and the Pink Shoes

, no worries, and the pink shoes. One became a getaway car and the other a boat for the refugees

Cancer?  I'd Rather Do Lunch
Cancer? ..
or Go to the Beach
By Barbara Greene Mann
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The Unknown Donation

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Galleries to View

galleries to view

I match these pictures same info and dimensions.
I match these pictures same info and dimensions.
Teeming is in the play offs for this land and sea scape 200$ crayon and watercolor, 11 x15
Teeming is in the play offs for this land and sea scape  crayon and watercolor, 11 x15″


prices upon request through a comment or sammomann55@gmail.com

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for   treatment. Thanks Barb

Art Lesson #3 – The Disintegration of the Art World

Yes I mean You
Yes I mean You

For Educators, Gallery Owners, Curators, Art Lovers, Students and Artists
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On 6/29, 9:49 AM, barbara mann wrote:

A Professor of Fine Arts  wrote me and explained that she incorporates art history into her studio classes availing the students to techniques and thoughts from earlier eras. She will surely agree that hands on is the best way to acquire knowledge. I say ” Beat it into them.” The only thing that they need to do is think, paint, think briefly. Then again paint, paint and go to bed; no TV. This is what separates the men from the boys.

As an Art Professor of Art education it is your duty, conferred upon, leared by the College of Art Menstration, to activate the notion that the study of art history forges sucess. Professors use it unflinchingly, positively to build their student’s vocabulary, the tools of mysterious, non-meaningful  expressions of flotsy, but remember its their insights which separate the men from the boys alright.

Another question. How do you get rid of painting ridges when using acrylics?

What?  You don’t,  do not remove the ridges, either incorporate, by practing your strokes or switch mediums. You do know this is not a studio course so I wouldn’t tell you if I did know.

What do I mean? Use watercolors for example. Oh you students… First year, how nice, yes I do mean watercolors.

Ah, please hold your questions until after class.

examples of these principals
examples of these principals

What another hand?  No more questions, yes, Christmas break is lovely. Good work, you’re excused until tomorrow.

Does that mean that you can watch TV? Goodness, I’ll repeat myself. Just this once, no more questions. A buzz is activated through the room, Students, shut up. Leave.Yes you may. Good by.

Educators,as seen by the student’s behavior it is up to you to straight jacket their minds to focus, to cuss, etiquette is so important. They must be able to enter Soethby’s, the Louvre, Workman Arts. Pound it ino their mallable brains, no not figurativly but manually. These are valuable insights which shape boys into men.

Furthermore go ahead and drop all women from your student lists. Art historians note there are less woman painters than men. Why? They are not as good. This separates the girls from the men.

Are there any questions before I dismiss class?

 What? No, in the art world.   Yes, you may watch TV.  What about? Art.  Leave , leave.  

Oh I heard that you think that I’m overzealous, I think not.

Let’s end now, on this note . Wait, please, do prepare for a short quizz on Monday. You are the  forgers of these shallow …Are there any Meaningful Thoughts or Concepts Left ?

Leave, Leave

Good by

Black and White Drawings Reveal the Truth, National Homeland Security, Chemotherapy and Life

]Airports used to be fun.

Airports used to be fun.

Flying used to be no hassle. Now it’s a 2 hr. ordeal, but a lot more people have jobs, even dogs.

“Bon Voyage, flying is fun. Airports are not.”

You may wonder why I would hang this in my den, my living room,in my home.It’s rather like  the game “I Spy.”   How do you feel about  this. Do you feel safer, annoyed,inconvenienced?What is happening in today’s airport?  Is it happening globally? Art is not always beautiful.Tt’s revolutionary or it can have a revealing nature.
Beauty is good, so is color, but not everything has to be the same, n’est ce pas

Chemo Fans Not

I’m deciding whether or not to have chemo. I think it’s only a 50-50 survival rate.
So I am looking into alternate treatments.
If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me. PLEASE
Pharmacetical companies love chemo. Big money making drugs. Doctors are trained in Chemo therapy.
Do what you Know? Doctors are not trained in natural treatments. How can they suggest what they don’t know?

I read the internet and learn, but I’m an artist. Maybe a Doctor too, soon.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day?  Not for all of us.

Bad thoughts, was it a good day? Not for all of us.
I was mesmerized by two women arguing in the hall,  only a few inches and the spit was flying
The man being fed can’t turn his head, hard to refuse.
Too bad. I think it’s eat up, big boy.

The man in the middle doesn’t seem to mind.
Look how easily the man on the bottom just picks up the dark haired man.
He has his feet behind his head. Easier for carrying and ploop he’s in the cell.

At least he’s not alone.

A New View Of India

India a land of all
a land of all
A New Look of India views its glorious leaders and Father of the Nation Babu

Paint a Vision of a Nation Born for Greatness
Artist Statement for India 2015

Yes I’ve been called and I am the artist who will do this for you. I’m not sure this painting is what you expected but why would I paint that. The artist as visionary presents new ways to think, see and conceive. I have presented visually, a concept of a nation incorporating past, present, and future.

I want people to think about a place that birthed such extraordinary leaders as Buddha, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. The seeds of potential that lay in your land is the Mother of greatness, the Earth. India bears the genetic codes of these leaders. People need to realize these people are within them.

What is each person’s projection of something they want to do in their life, for their country and for their people. India is a nation that is rising to new levels of greatness that already exist. I want to waken that spirit that inspire people to look at their lives and to allow this to happen. They will want the energy,and feel the vibrations of a painting with a story that will foster a new sense of yearning to take part.

India is finding an economic spurt that will increase business and bring money to the workers.but it could also land in the pockets of government officials, as seen before. India is a democracy and most workers and students do not know the shackles of the British or the ancient systems that hold and trap minds. They only have a lot of people who can’t even imagine what to do.

The children being raised under the bridges will only know how to play in traffic. They are the future of India. The news spoke of a 4-year-old girl, sold for a small price, who was married and then murdered. This is nowhere near any interpretation I’ve heard of for arranged marriage, just craziness.
The US just gave India billions to clean up their country, this should provide jobs to all the homeless living under the bridges and daycare so they will not worry about their children. Surely rapists will head the lines to get the best Ganges clean up jobs.

India is historically a great nation, culturally significant and it’s peoples can do anything: I was surprised to know India joined the space race. Congradulations.

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